Accountability is KEY!



Hello peeps!

I have a question for you? What keeps you accountable? Is it a consequence you may face? A person in your life?

Accountability is key! Think of all the accountability structures that are in our lives: your employer, a teacher, deadlines, evaluations systems, ect. They help us stay on track and making progress. We can see examples of accountability structures/systems in so many aspect of our lives. Why would you not have an accountability structure set up for you health/ fitness journey or your home business?

We see great success occur when *something* is present holding us accountable. If it’s worth the time and effort then there must be a system set in place to keep you on track. It’s important to be healthy so that you can be present for your loved ones. It’s important to focus on your home business because it’s the pathway to financial freedom. Think about it– what do you have in place now that will hold you accountable? Can’t think of anything? Then create one!

Check out my video explaining my point of view on accountability:

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